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All Hands On Deck!: A COVID-19 Virtual Relief Benefit

Send It Events on board the USS Hornet for All Hands On Deck!

Bay Area, CA – On Thursday, August 20th, the release of Send It Events’ virtual relief benefit for COVID-19 titled, All Hands On Deck!, will be streamed from 2PM – 7PM (EDT) via Live.Bandsintown.com, with all proceeds being donated to Direct Relief. Filmed aboard the USS Hornet in Alameda, CA, this unprecedented virtual experience allows viewers to support a noble cause while being able to “party” on the historical WWII aircraft carrier best known for picking up Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin after they touched down from their journey to the moon.

All Hands On Deck! Flyer

The diverse lineup features Slothacid label boss Sacha Robotti, Mikul Wing of the Chicago-based trio Autograf, The EVeryman and EVerywoman Experience (aka Evan Shafran and Aria Fae), as well as the Bay Area’s own Willaa of Pizza & Techno fame. With the stunning San Francisco skyline serving as their backdrop, these rising stars will wage war on beats on the USS Hornet’s nearly 1,000-foot long flight deck, fully outfitted with fighter jets, laser beams, a towering LED screen, cryogenics, and an earthshaking VOID system.

In addition to being initially streamed on Bandsintown profiles, All Hands On Deck! will be broadcasted in the future on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Live, and Zoom. All Hands On Deck! will be the first of many virtual experiences curated by Send It Events. Each event will be dedicated to supporting a different cause of humanity.

ABOUT DIRECT RELIEF: Direct Relief is a non-profit organization specializing in supplying healthcare workers around the world with supplies needed to fight COVID-19. For information regarding donations and how to get involved, please visit www.directrelief.org.

ABOUT BANDSINTOWN: With 55M registered concert goers and 530K artists, Bandsintown is the world-leading hub for live streams, concerts, and festivals and the most trusted source of live events recommendations. Check them out at www.Bandsintown.com.

ABOUT USS HORNET SEA, AIR AND SPACE MUSEUM: Docked in Alameda, CA, directly across from the San Francisco skyline, The USS Hornet was consistently deployed to fight battles during World War II. It is also recognized for being the ship that retrieved Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong when they returned from the moon.

ABOUT SEND IT EVENTS: Crafted from professionals in cinematography, event curation, and production, Send It Events, is a team on a mission to change the world from behind the lens. All Hands On Deck! is the first chapter of a series committed to helping causes of humanity throughout the world (aka the Send It Series).

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