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This Weekend: Autonomix w/ Special Guests at ARISE

Autonomix at Arise Music Festival 2019

Just over a year old as a band, Autonomix has taken the Denver music scene by storm, providing a sound that combines jazz, funk, psychedelic rock and modern electronica. The band consists of Jeff Pfannenstiel (Drums), Zack Smith (Guitar), Danny Littler (Bass), and Josh Nermon (Keyboard). Their debut album Counter Balance (released earlier this month) was a huge leap forward for the band, locking them into even more prestigious opportunities like being direct support for Papadosio at Summit Music Hall on October 18th. Autonomix will be performing at ARISE Music Festival this Saturday, August 3, during sunset, 8:00pm – 9:15pm at the Starwater Stage. With the festival fast approaching, the Autonomix extended an invite to their band practice where I got an exclusive look at their creative process, listened to some unreleased material, and sat down for an interview during their break.

Thanks so much for having me over! How did you guys get started as a band?

Josh: Well, these three started without me at first…

Zack: Danny and I had just come out of playing with Telemetry. Some friends connected us with Jeff and we ended up putting together a sort of casual jam. We had another keyboard player. We ended up “vibe”ing really well together. We got about three weeks into the band before the keyboard player quit. We all freaked out for about five minutes, I called Josh and had him in the band about 5 minutes after that.

Josh: And I had just quit my other band the week before. Me and Zack had been trying to play music together for over a year so it kind of worked out perfectly.

Was the vision for Autonomix always to be a psychedelic jam band?

Zack: I’ve always wanted to make music like this. I went to my first STS9 show as a metal-head and was like “wow, this kind of music can have this kind of effect on people?” So when the four of us started jamming—Jeff’s favorite band is Lotus, Danny’s into Disco Biscuits, Josh and I both love STS9—that was kind of the natural direction we went in.

Josh: It was all super natural. The first time we all played together it was like a 15-minute improv.

Jeff: We pretty much record each practice, which helps a lot in the writing process. Our song off the new album Harmonomix came out of an improv jam.

That’s actually my favorite song on the album.

Zach: That song came out of an improv at our second practice as a band. The improv we did isn’t far off at all from how the song ended up getting recorded.

Do you guys come up with a set list for all of your shows, or is it mostly improv?

Danny: We come up with set lists.

Josh: [laughing] Well, except for that one time…

Danny: As we’re getting better at this, we’re trying to learn to read the room a little bit; the crowd we’re playing to, the location, whether it’s a nighttime Cervantes set versus a daytime festival set and kind of fit those factors into a solid set that tells a story.

Alright, I’m curious… What’s the story of the show where you guys didn’t have a setlist?

Josh: We played this STS9 after party at this mansion and the whole night got pretty wild.

Zack: So we had wrote a setlist and we played our first set… then for some reason we decided to tear the setlist in half and just went for it in our second set… [laughing] things got crazy that night!

It was so cool watching you guys in rehearsal and I think I noticed it at Sonic Bloom too, but do guys sign to each other while you’re playing?

Zach: We have our own sign language. The saxophone player that sits up with us, Carl Cox, him and I used to play in a band together and we wrote our own signs for communicating key changes on stage. Then Danny here expanded on it an came up with even more signs for the rhythm parts of songs. So when you see me on stage making weird signs, I’m prepping the band for a key change, and if you see Danny making them, he’s prepping us for a rhythm change.

Autonomix at Sonic Bloom 2019
Autonomix Performing at Sonic Bloom 2019

Danny: Each of our sets are about 40 to 50 percent improv so communicating is really important.

Autonomix has only been around for a little over a year but I still feel like I’ve seen your name everywhere. Can you tell me a little bit about how you’ve grown so quickly and successfully?

Josh: The great thing about this band is that we’ve all really played to our strengths and have taken the right opportunities to keep the momentum going. We all know that in this industry, losing momentum is detrimental to expanding as an artist. It’s always going through the front of our heads, “what can we be doing to take steps forward?”

Zack: A huge advantage that we have is the fact that we practice here at Jeff’s place for free. We’ve been lucky to be able to methodically pick and choose which shows we want to play and not have to worry about making $400 a month to cover rent space. We’ve only played about 13 big shows in the last year. We really don’t play for money. We all have jobs outside of this band, so any money we make with music gets invested right back into Autonomix.

What’s your favorite show or festival that you guys have played so far?

[all laughing]: Album release at Cervantes!

Josh: But ARISE this year is going to be really special because we actually won a contest to get to play there last year.

Can you tell me more about that?

Josh: So every year, ARISE holds a Rock the Fest contest where fans vote in a list of their top 10 artists and then a panel of judges choose their three favorites. Our fans really came through for us and got us a TON of votes. We had only been a band for about four months so ARISE ended up being like, our third-ever show. It was epic.

This is actually my first ARISE. What can I expect to see?

Zack: ARISE is definitely a lot more family-oriented. I’d say it’s half about the music and half about the workshops and the yoga and the art-installations. It’s all-encompassing.

Josh: It’s one of my favorite festivals… the grounds are absolutely beautiful, it’s right on a lake. The people who put it on put a ton of focus in keeping the event sustainable, not using single-use plastic, that type of vibe.

Zack: I’d say environmentalism, safety, and fun are the three pillars of ARISE Music Festival.

Jeff: The very first thing I did when I moved to Denver a few years ago was go to ARISE. It’s really cool to get to be on the bill.

Josh: Not quite ready to announce this yet, but we will have some very special guests on stage with us. People are going to lose their minds when they see what we have planned.

Can we have any hints?

Josh: The people or persons sitting on stage with us are also on the ARISE lineup… and it’s definitely someone big.

As a band, how do you like being based in Denver?

Josh: The music community is something like I’ve never seen before. We help other bands, they help us, it’s really a symbiotic relationship.

The music industry in Denver, to me, definitely highlights collaboration rather than competition.

Josh: Right! And it’s not like that anywhere else. I moved from California. Out there, it’s cutthroat… the fanbases are divided… I knew I wasn’t going to make it as a musician out there. Danny and Zack are actually the guys who convinced me to move out here…

Zack: To join a totally different band!

Josh: But they’re some of my best friends. They knew that being a musician is what I wanted to do and they helped pull me to where I needed to be to become successful.

Zack: The competition that does exist in Denver is healthy. There are a million different shows happening every night, so if you want to stand out, you constantly have to be working really hard to put on a good show. So while we aren’t necessarily competing with other people, we see our peers stepping up their performances and it pushes us to do the same.

Your fanbase is clearly really supportive of your music and your message, do you have anything you’d like to say to them?

Zack: We worked really hard over the past year on this album and learned a ton. The final product is something we’re really proud of. We have so many friends who have been with us since we started the band, and they have totally shown up for us. They’ve been patient with us during the last 6 months of trying to get this album out there and while we haven’t been able to personally thank each and every one of them, none of that goes unnoticed.

Josh: We have so much gratitude for every single person who’s ever shown up to a set, bought a tee shirt, or even just pressed play on a song. We’ve got some amazing friends in our corner.

Autonomix Backstage at Sonic Bloom 2019
Autonomix Backstage at Sonic Bloom 2019

What is it like being a part of this band?

Zack: [laughing] It’s like dating three other dudes except you don’t get any sex out of it and you spend a lot of money.

* Be sure to check out Autonomix at ARISE Music Festival; Saturday 8:00 – 9:15 at the StarWater Stage

BUKU 2019 Reveals Daily Lineup & Talent Additions

BUKU 2019 Dog Blood

New Orleans, LA – The BUKU Music + Art Project today announced a handful of surprise additions to the lineup as well as the daily performance schedule for the festival taking place on March 22-23, 2019 at Mardi Gras World in New Orleans. Two-day passes for the event are available now with single-day admission sales beginning on Friday, January 18th. A portion of ticket proceeds support the Upbeat Academy Foundation, a non-profit organization providing New Orleans youth with opportunities to study hip-hop and dance music production.

BUKU 2019 Daily Lineup
BUKU 2019 Daily Lineup

The latest additions to the lineup of performers include: lyrical alt-rapper and Odd Future co-founder Earl Sweatshirt; Swedish DJ and producer Kasbo; experimental dance pop band Kero Kero Bonito; experimental low-fi soul and ambient artist Yves Tumor; jam-funk trio SunSquabi; UK house DJ Mason Maynard; and New Orleans swamp funk band The Iceman Special. These artists join a previously announced roster featuring: Lana Del Rey, A$AP Rocky, Dog Blood (Skrillex x Boys Noize), Excision, Kevin Gates, GRiZ, RL Grime, Louis The Child, Ella Mai, $UICIDEBOY$, Playboi Carti, Dashboard Confessional, Fisher, Toro Y Moi, The Black Madonna, TOKiMONSTA and many more. Artists will perform across six unique stages at the venue set along the Mississippi River. The daily schedule is as follows and is also available here:

Friday, March 22
Lana Del Rey
Kevin Gates
RL Grime
Playboi Carti
Claude VonStroke
Mayday Parade
Toro Y Moi
Death Grips
Denzel Curry
Kero Kero Bonito
Rico Nasty
From First To Last DJ Set (Matt + Travis)
Yves Tumor
Whipped Cream
Mason Maynard

VIP-Only Lineup:

New Orleans Artist + Showcase Lineup:
bàwldy B2B Boarcrok
The Iceman Special
Trombone Shorty Academy

Saturday, March 23
A$AP Rocky
Dog Blood (Skrillex x Boys Noize)
Louis The Child
Ella Mai
Dashboard Confessional
The Black Madonna
Earl Sweatshirt
Getter (Presents: Visceral)
G Jones
Liquid Stranger
Oliver Tree
Roy Blair
Doja Cat
We Came As Romans

VIP-Only Lineup:

New Orleans Artist + Showcase Lineup:
Dohm Collective
James Seville
Lil Jodeci
Malik Ninety Five
Tristan Dufrene
Unicorn Fukr
Upbeat Academy

Inspired by the creative subculture of New Orleans, BUKU sits at the crosshairs of underground warehouse party and major urban music festival by fusing a progressive and diverse musical lineup with live street art, one-of-a-kind industrial art installations, local food vendors, and dozens of surprise “pop-up” performances.

Information on tickets offerings, travel packages and pricing can be found at http://bit.ly/BUKU2019Tickets. The first official BUKU 2019 after-parties will be announced in the coming weeks. The official 2019 BUKU Music + Art project trailer can be viewed here.

For additional info, visit BUKU Music + Art Project online or on the following platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @thebukuproject.

BUKU Announces 2019 Lineup

BUKU 2019 Initial Lineup

NEW ORLEANS, LA – The BUKU Music + Art Project today announced the first round of performers for the festival taking place on March 22 and 23, 2019. Now in its eighth year, the two-day event will return to Mardi Gras World in New Orleans after a sold out 2018 event. A portion of ticket proceeds support the Upbeat Academy Foundation, a non-profit organization providing New Orleans youth with opportunities to study hip-hop and dance music production.

Artists announced on the 2019 lineup are: Lana Del Rey in what is her only currently-announced U.S. performance; hip-hop and fashion icon A$AP Rocky; the return and 2019 debut of Skrillex and Boys Noize’s collaboration Dog Blood; bass music torchbearer Excision; Baton Rouge rapper Kevin Gates in his first New Orleans play since 2016; a live performance by GRiZ who just released the first two tracks off of his upcoming 2019 album; RL Grime; Louis The Child; breakout R&B star Ella Mai; hometown horrorcore rap heroes $UICIDEBOY$; a rare back-to-back set from NGHTMRE B2B Slander; the first New Orleans play for Playboi Carti; emo mainstays Dashboard Confessional and Mayday Parade; Toro Y Moi who will release a new album in January; Claude VonStroke; Gunna; Fisher; the first New Orleans play for The Black Madonna; Death Grips; a unique set from Getter performing his critically-acclaimed new album Visceral; Ekali; Yaeji; Denzel Curry; a rare joint set from J.I.D and EARTHGANG; G Jones; Liquid Stranger; TOKiMONSTA; internet sensations Oliver Tree and Doja Cat; 1788-L; jam band Papadosio; Peekaboo; Roy Blair; a special set from We Came As Romans in memory of Kyle Pavone; a DJ set from Matt + Travis of From First To Last; Rico Nasty; Dounia; Kidswaste; Whipped Cream; Mersiv; sfam. VIP patrons will be treated to VIP-Only performances from: CharlesTheFirst; Dabin; Duskus; Jantsen; Kittens; Noizu; Xie; and AF THE NAYSAYER who is one of Upbeat Academy’s lead artist instructors.

The 2019 event will also feature a strong showing of local flavor with over a dozen New Orleans’ artists and showcases: bàwldy B2B Boarcrok; Dohm Collective; Freewater; James Seville; Klutch; Lil Jodeci; Lleauna; Malik Ninety Five; Thou; TRAX ONLY; Tristan Dufrene; Trombone Shorty Academy; Unicorn Fukr; and Upbeat Academy. Complementing the music acts will be the following graffiti artists and live painters participating in a Live Art Gallery: Art by Jay; Ceaux; Dvote; Fat Kids; Hugo Gyrl; Ink; J Hand Paints; Jedi; Knowla; Lipkis; Monica Kelly; Murky; Painter; PAWS; READ MF BOOKS; and Swan.

Inspired by the creative subculture of New Orleans, BUKU sits at the crosshairs of underground warehouse party and major urban music festival by fusing a progressive and diverse musical lineup with live street art, one-of-a-kind industrial art installations, local food vendors, and dozens of surprise “pop-up” performances. The 2018 BUKU Music + Art Project featured an expanded festival site that sold out with a daily attendance of over 17,500 guests, making it the highest attended BUKU to date. New additions included the Wharf Stage adjacent to the Mississippi River, a relocated main stage across the train tracks with the Market Street Power Plant serving as its backdrop, several new art installations, and an all new BUKU VIP Rooftop overlooking the main stage.

Tickets for the 2019 event will go on-sale Tuesday, December 11, 2018 at 10AM CT and include a variety of options for general and VIP admission as well as travel packages. VIP ticketing provides a host of special amenities that include exclusive VIP-only performances, premium viewing areas, as well as an open bar for guests 21+. When purchasing tickets, patrons should be mindful that BUKU is a 17+ event. More information on tickets offerings and pricing can be found at http://bit.ly/BUKU2019Tickets.

About Winter Circle Productions:
Winter Circle Productions began in 2009 as an independent promotion and production house to attract music that its founders felt was missing from a post-Katrina New Orleans. Creator of BUKU Music + Art Project and four-time recipient of the OffBeat Best Promoter Award, WCP is now celebrating its 10th year anniversary as one of the most trusted tastemakers on the Gulf Coast, having produced thousands of shows across many musical genres in dozens of venues. In July 2015, WCP joined AEG Presents to form and run its new Gulf Coast regional office, and in August 2017, took over a lease at the 1,200 capacity Joy Theater in New Orleans. In addition to concert production, the members of WCP founded the Upbeat Academy Foundation, a non-profit organization providing New Orleans youth with opportunities to study hip-hop and dance music production. www.wintercircleproductions.com

About AEG Presents:
AEG Presents, the live-entertainment division of Los Angeles-based AEG, is dedicated to all aspects of live contemporary music performance. AEG Presents is comprised of touring, festival, broadcast, merchandise and special event divisions, seventeen regional offices, and owns, operates or exclusively books thirty-five state-of-the-art venues. The current and recent concert tour roster includes artists such as Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars, Bon Jovi, Carrie Underwood, Cher, Daughtry, Enrique Iglesias, J Cole, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Kenny Chesney, Leonard Cohen, Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift, The WHO, Trey Songz and Juanes. The company is also currently producing residency shows at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas including Celine Dion, Rod Stewart and Shania Twain and is the exclusive promoter at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. AEG Live is also the largest producer of music festivals in North America from the critically acclaimed Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival to the Stagecoach Country Music Festival and New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. www.aegpresents.com

Gem & Jam Announces Phase 2 Lineup

After dropping a first phase lineup which boasted two nights of STS9, two nights of Lettuce and nearly 40 additional artists, Gem & Jam continues to surpass the lofty levels set last year. Returning to Pima County Fairgrounds for a second straight year- January 25 – 28, 2018, the four-day music and camping festival keeps the momentum going with a mix of fan favorites, including: Big Wild; Papadosio; Sunsquabi; Head for the Hills; Earthcry (of Papadosio); Dynohunter; Templo; Lapa (of Emancipator); Smash & Grab; Little John; Minions of the Moon; Bird Foot; Tony Inorbit; The Party People; Soul Catalyst; and Deadset. Additional artists will be added in the coming months.

Previously announced artists include: STS9; Lettuce; Greensky Bluegrass; Railroad Earth; Emancipator; Breaking Biscuits; Thriftworks; The Russ Liquid Test; Masego; Random Rab; Michal Menert; Flamingosis; John Kadlecik’s Fellowship of the Wing; Govinda; Jade Cicada; Maddy O’Neal; Saqi; Ill Esha; Charlesthefirst; Modern Measure; Bass Physics; Marvel Years; Zoogma; Blunt Force; Safis Lab; Flying Skulls; Skydyed; Kyma; Adem Joel; Electric Feel; Smokovich; Endoplasmic; The Bennu; Neon Prophet Band; Jahmontee; SuDs; M/Q; Truth Cartel and GonzoFuZe.

Located on 640 acres and just 20 miles south of downtown Tucson, the Pima County Fairgrounds is surrounded by nature and resides in a desert environment, creating an expansive setting perfect for Gem & Jam. The multi-stage music and arts festival will be offering increased capacity and camping options, including: onsite RV camping with hookups, boutique camping, car camping and walk-in camping. Additionally, Gem & Jam will be expanding on its experience with world-class visuals, unique stage designs, artist galleries, live paintings, experiential installations, daytime workshops, gem and mineral vendors and much more.

General Admission tickets are on sale now for $199, plus fees. Camping options will be available starting at $55, plus fees. Included in these options are: Deluxe RV Camping, Standard RV Camping, Car Camping, Walk-In Camping and Ready, Set, Camp. Tickets are available online at www.gemandjam.com Gem & Jam Festival is an all ages event.

Gem & Jam is produced by Infinite Music Productions, Euphonic Conceptions, and Challenger Presents. Visit www.gemandjam.com for the most up-to-date information. Stay connected on Facebook at www.facebook.com/GemAndJam, Twitter at www.twitter.com/GemJamFestival and on Instagram at www.instagram.com/GemAndJamFestival.