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Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival

Okeechobee LineUp Poster

Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival makes its debut in Okeechobee, Florida in just over three weeks. Camping begins at noon on Thursday March 3rd and ends at noon on Monday March 7th, with headlining artists playing from Friday to Sunday night. The festival is compared to other festivals like Bonnaroo and Coachella for its diverse range of musical acts, art, and other attractions. For its inaugural year, Okeechobee will featured the likes of Mumford & Sons, Kendrick Lamar, Skrillex, Odesza, Bassnectar, Mac Miller, Big Grams (Big Boi & Phantogram), Big Gigantic, RL Grime, Kill the Noise, Bonobo, Shpongle, Gramatik, and many more.

The festival looks like it should be a unique experience offering a variety of sights and sounds that will appeal to a range of music enthusiasts. The festival has broken down its layout into different themed areas, which include ChobeeWobee Village, Yogachobee, Aquachobee, Jungle 51, and PowWow. Perhaps one of the more anticipated themed areas is Aquachobee, Okeechobee’s very own beach, complete with its own bar and waterside stage playing music from 9AM to 9PM.

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Ok, so not sure what you heard but there will a BEACH and it will be BIG & it will be BEAUTIFUL! There will also be LIVE MUSIC by the water all day where you can see a band or DJ crush a show like never before. We're still setting it up but here's what it looks like now and as you can see it's coming along nicely. The stage will be over to the right. Music at Aquachobee will start at 9am every day of the Fest. There's never been a festival like this and it will be the #ultimatespringbreak in March 2016! Meet me here for breakfast on Sunday and we'll have an organic juice together, recover and reflect… I'll be the guy covered in spf 150 😎🎷🌞🍍 #Aquachobee #OkeechobeeFest @skrillex @bassnectar @robertplantofficial @mumfordandsons

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Okeechobee is an all ages event, however you must be 18 years old to camp on site. A range of ticket options are still available, including 3-day General Admission, 4-day General Admission, VIP experience, RV parking, and more. Be sure to visit Okeechobee’s information page to get the full details. Don’t miss out on what is expected to be an incredible experience!

Paradise Lost: Celebrating 50 Years of Dub Music

Ask an average EDM festival attendee when electronic music was created and many of them would probably suggest that it’s only been around for a very short period of time. Artists like David Guetta, Skrillex, deadmau5, and Avicii undoubtedly helped bring EDM to the masses within the last 5-10 years, but in reality, dance music has been around for much longer than that. One genre in particular can’t be ignored when looking at the origins of electronic music: Dub music. Dub music grew out of Reggae in the 1960s and has since had an massive influence on all genres of music, particularly EDM, and it has become the basis for drum and bass and dubstep.

For this reason, festival curators have decided to celebrate the roots of EDM by throwing a three day music festival at Grizzly’s Plantation Cove in St. Ann, Jamaica, called Paradise Lost. The festival will see some big names performing, like Tiesto, Bassnectar, Big Gigantic, Zion I, AlunaGeorge, King Jammy, and more. The festival aims to bring about 75,000 people to St. Ann, Jamaica for three days from March 10-12. If you submit your information at the website, you will be notified of pre-sale tickets, which begin Nov. 17.  General tickets go on sale Nov. 23. The festival has a variety of ticket options, from single day, two day, VIP, or general admission. 3-day general admission tickets are start at $299.

An Interview with MARTyPARTy

Recently at Imagine Music Festival, Dancebreak had a chance to sit down with bass slangin South African goofball, MARTyPARTy. Fresh after his killer after-party set the night before and right before his daytime set, we had a chance to ask the man himself a few questions about himself and his music.

DB: We saw you at Electric Forest and you fucking crushed it. Was that your first time playing at Electric Forest and how was your experience?

MP: I arrived and my manager had rolled me a joint. We got stoned and rolled up to the [Jubilee] tent, and I had no idea where I was. I just got off the plane and was like ‘I dunno where I am’. I didn’t know what gig I was playing or what to expect. My manager was like ok let’s go and I was just like “fine okay let’s go play for this little hippie camp or whatever’ and when I walked out it was a GIANT purple fucking tent! And I’m a purple guy! So I was like is this a joke? So I went in and it was the most giant sound system I ever saw. There were like five people there. I started it up and it was the weirdest empty sound but then everyone started coming down that hill. By like the 5th song, that place was fucking packed. That place was packed for an hour. The production was insane.

DB: You said you’re a ‘purple guy’. What’s the origin of that?

MP: I mean, I dunno. I don’t know if it’s purple anymore. Everything’s just a movement for me. Now its red.

DB: Now it’s red?

MP: Yeah it’s my color.

DB: What type of mentality are you usually in when you write music?

MP: I like having fun with my music. I don’t like my music to get serious and all deep. I’ll listen to other people’s deep music. If I make deep music it takes me to sad times in my life, it brings it there, to my house. I’d rather make it lively and happy because I’m more that kind of guy when I’m hangin in my house or whatever. I make a song cause I’m like ‘WOO!! I just washed my car! I feel good! Let’s go make some music! Smoke weed’ ya know.

DB: So how would you describe the MartyParty experience?

MP: I think, you know there’s nobody else really doing what I do. I’m a really big fan of myself and I never really know what to expect when I get on stage. If anything, I’m dancing. I don’t really see a lot of people dancing these days just a lot of swaying back and forth. But yeah so I try to bring a lot of unique sounds, add a lot of interesting noise, and then the drops. Crazy dubstep. Weird crazy shit. So yeah, that’s the vibe.

DB: Hell yeah man. And you crush it at making that vibe.

MP: I’ve never heard anyone say it so well. I crush it at making that vibe, I like that.

DB: Does living in Florida influence the kind of music you make?

MP: Yeah man Florida’s all about their tropical music vibe, together with bass. I’m trying to get back to that. You’ll just be jamming out on the beach and some guy in the white supremacy and a four-wheel drive barrels past and you’re just like ‘whoa! You got to chill!’ It’s just so weird.

DB: So can you walk me through your live setup? When you’re performing live what do you have going on up there?

MP: I make all my tracks in Ableton. When I’m writing the tune I have maybe 20 to 30 tracks that I need to mix together. Then I edit the tune and render it. Then I load the full song into Ableton, all my tracks, hip hop acapellas, some one shot samples, some lazers, then I load it all onto a Trigger Finger so I can trigger them as I go. I keep just loading my new shit into the template and go. When I’m djing I use filters a lot. Throw in some acappellas. Give it a hip hop vibe. When I’m mixing songs I always just rely on my ears. I always test my songs on a bunch of different systems, like my Bluetooth speaker when I’m at the beach. I always ask myself “what does it REALLY sound like”. If it sounds good on my little Bluetooth speaker I know it’s done. I really aim for a full sound. It’s always full. When I’m writing music sometimes I feel like I’m getting really weird in a lab. Full experimentation.

DB: Occasionally you’ll link up with Ooah of The Glitch Mob and play as PantyRaid, how’s that going?

MP: Good man. He was here yesterday, we hung out on his bus, he came to my show.

DB: I was half expecting him to come out during the after-party for a surprise PantyRaid set.

MP: Yeah he was there and I was like “stand up!” and he was like nah cause he’s with the Glitch Mob you know? He doesn’t want to confuse people. He’s on the Glitch Mob tour right now. We’re like ‘whatever’ cause were just dudes you know? We don’t really care but you got to please the crowd dynamic. This music scene is like a giant ship. Even when you pump the brakes it takes twenty years for change to happen. So you can’t really influence it that much you just got to go along with the biggest swell. With yourself, with your own character, but it’s gonna take a long time. We want to do PantyRaid next year, but we want it to be a special thing. When you buy a ticket we want you to be stoked. We don’t people to be like ‘should we go? I dunno.’ We want people to be like ‘DAMMN LETS GO!’.

DB: So what’s in the future for MartyParty?

MP: I think I want to open a club in Miami sometime next year. I’m probably going to play every week, with guests. I’m going to have everyone play with me. It’s gonna be some real shit.

Until next time MARTyPARTy!

Imagine Music Festival 2015: The Aftermath

Imagine 2015

The weekend of August 30th and 31st has come and went and the second annual Imagine Music Festival is officially in the books, and what a weekend it was. There was incredible music, amazing vibes, tons of friendship and good times were had by all. I was curious to see how the festival would handle the increase in the crowd’s size that would be inevitable as a result of the stacked lineup, and as a whole it was handled very well. I’ll review all the acts I saw over the course of the weekend as well as the positives and negatives of the festival I experienced (not that there were many negatives but there were a few).

First off a disclaimer to all those reading this: I am a bass head to the core. I live for those gnarly crushing bass lines that smack you in the chest and make your face contort as if it were hit by a sledgehammer. I live for unique and original sounds, concepts, and rhythmic patterns, anything that catches me off guard and keeps me on my toes. So with every festival I attend that’s what I hunt for. If you’re looking for reviews of Morgan Page or Dada Life you can just stop reading this article now. I respect house artists and what they do, but I can listen to approximately 6 seconds of four on the floor music until I’m too bored to deal with it. SO without further ado, my weekend went a little something like this:

We arrived at the festival just in time to catch the up-and-coming melodic bass producer Illenium. I had heard some good things about the young gun so I thought I’d check him out. He wasn’t disappointing necessarily but I was very far from impressed. The all too familiar major chord progressions over basic bass lines left much to be desired. His tunes were pretty, sure, but he didn’t leave a lasting impression on me. Using a drum pad to add some percussive elements to his set was a nice touch, but it wasn’t enough to make it memorable. Followed by Illenium was the trap king Buku. Having opened for Buku myself as well as seeing him at last year’s Imagine Festival, his sound was very familiar to me, yet still very get-down worthy. His fat beats and fun synth lines always make Buku shows a good time and I was not disappointed with what he brought to the table, despite it being an early set.

Then came iLL.Gates vs. KJ Sawka and this is where it starts getting real good. ill.Gates kicked things off with the most absurd mash up I’ve ever heard of, his tune I’m Eel, Ice by Corporate, and a slew of other epic bangers perfectly stitched together to make everyone in the crowd effectively lose their shit. ill.Gates continued to bring massive amounts of heat including his super epic remix of Monkey Crunk by Opiuo, as well as some unreleased bangers that left multiple faces lying in a puddle on the floor. KJ Sawka was decent but trying to battle ill.Gates is like trying to battle Yoda in a light saber battle, you just stand no chance. ill.Gates is a certified Ableton instructor, mentor to Bassnectar, conductor of the fattest beats, and just an overall genius. KJ Sawka is an incredible drummer and as a member of Destroid is the single greatest at what he does, but directly next to ill.Gates his set seemed sloppy and unimpressive. Had he been his own separate set he would have been more appreciated for what he was doing, but side by side with the Phat Conductor just left me feeling like I wanted an all ill.Gates set and KJ Sawka should stick to what he’s best at which is being an epic drummer.

G Jones was nothing short of epic. He was one of my top acts to see and not only did he meet my expectations, he surpassed them. Hearing G Jones on a great sound system really allowed appreciating the genius of the young producer. You could really hear every subtle detail in his productions, the epic vocal panning, and experimentations with reverbs, crazy delays. Despite the speakers only being in front of us, it sounded like his music was coming from every direction. Listening from the mindset of a fellow producer, it really felt like getting to hear a master at work. The future is incredibly bright for G Jones and I can’t wait to see him again. Following G Jones was the always-incredible Griz. With the sun setting in the background lighting up the sky a brilliant orange hue, the moment couldn’t have been more perfect. Griz played the perfect collection of soulful sax-filled tunes and crushing bass bangers that had everyone in the crowd getting their boogie on. It was one of the more magical moments that life has to offer and it was amazing to share it with so many other people.

After Griz ended we made our way over to Shpongle, mostly just in anticipation of Tipper. Despite never really knowing what exactly is going on during a Shpongle set, I enjoyed it nonetheless. The lasers on the Amazonia stage were on point and watching how different people dance to Shpongle is massively entertaining. As Shpongle was coming to a close we steadily crept into an ideal spot for Tipper and Android Jones. If you’ve never heard Tipper’s music on a great sound system before, it’s something you should do if you ever get the opportunity. I truly believe everyone should attend at least one Tipper set in his or her life if anything to appreciate the genius that is Dave Tipper. The man is the king of glitch hop, a sonic wizard. The dude makes sounds that are so out of this world and hearing them on a big sound system really accents all the subtle details that makes his music what it is. Android Jones’ visuals were nothing short of incredible. The man is a true artist and it was a distinct honor to get to experience the combined genius of Tipper and Android Jones to close out day one of the festival.

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Day 2 for us started with the representatives from the Pretty Lights Music label Eliot Lipp and Paul Basic. Both playing their signature hip hop beats and original music, which was a great way to get day two started. After Paul Basic, we left for our interview with MartyParty (full interview to come soon) and then rejoined the festivities. Here is one of the few moments in which Imagine could have done better. Lil Jon had to cancel his set due to health concerns and as a result all of the sets on the Oceania stage were moved back an hour and there was no notice whatsoever. There was no email or announcement of any kind informing the patrons of the schedule change and as a result there was massive amounts of confusion. We were very excited to see 12th Planet but thanks to the unannounced schedule his set was moved to the same time as MartyParty’s so we had to skip 12th Planet. Luckily he played at the afterparty so it actually worked out. MartyParty’s set was a great time, playing some of his signature tunes like Greedy and V8 and just slamming the crowd with his crushing bass lines.

Once MartyParty had finished playing he came out into the crowd and jammed out to Papadosio with us. Papadosio absolutely crushed their set. I have seen them a few times before but this was definitely the best Papadosio set I have seen to date. They debuted one of their new songs for us and it was absolutely incredible. I highly recommend seeing Papadosio if you get the chance. Crizzly absolutely blew me away. Another act I’ve seen a few times before but also the best time I’ve seen him. Something about Imagine Festival brings out the best in artists I guess. His mixing skills were so on point and the transitions were flawless. His blend of hip hop and grimy dubstep is unique and satisfying to a wide range of people. Datsik brought the heat too, playing banger after banger to close out the festival. With fireworks shooting off from the main stage and Datsik hitting us with wave after wave of heavy bass music, it was the perfect way to end a perfect weekend.

The only other negative note I have is that the festival ran out of water towards the end of the second day, which obviously posed a huge safety hazard for those in attendance. Hydration is incredibly important and not having water available exposes the festival to potential lawsuits if anyone were to suffer dehydration to the point where hospitalization was necessary. So for next year as long as they ensure they have enough water for everyone and keep those in attendance well informed of any changes in the schedule, I think they’ll have a perfect festival on their hands.

EDC Orlando 2015 Lineup

EDC Orlando 2015 Lineup

Electric Daisy Carnival returns to Tinker Field in Orlando for its fifth consecutive year. EDC’s Orlando festival is quickly turning into a national, if not international destination festival. Every year Insomniac seems to step it up with increased production and attractions. Last year’s EDC Orlando saw the introduction of the Kinetic Cathedral in Orlando, the same stage setup that was used in EDC Las Vegas 2014. There are two other stages, in addition to the Kinetic Field: Circuit Grounds and Neon Garden. All three stages typically have a specific genre that dominates a day, ranging from headliners at the Kinetic Field to other genres including bass, trance, house, and more.

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This year’s festival has booked artists of Bassnectar, Calvin Harris, Slander, Eric Prydz, Kaskade, Flux Pavilion, Tiesto, Paul van Dyk, Excision, Ferry Corsten, The Magician, Carnage, Gorgon City (Live), Seven Lions, and many more. The lineup has a good range of major headliners, mixed in with some new faces and up-and-comers.

In addition to artists, EDC also features free carnival rides for all attendants, art installations, performers, food vendors, merchandise vendors, and free water refill stations. Tickets are still on sale, which are currently priced at $189.65 (including fees) for a two-day general admission wrist band and $312.75 (with feees) for VIP. Don’t forget to check out the Insomniac’s guidelines and frequently asked questions for more information.

Zen Awakening 2015

Zen Awakening

Zen Awakening, a music and arts festival will be returning to Orlando this November 20-22 2015. After its inaugural year in 2014, Zen Awakening is expanding its music, art, and reach. The three day festival includes camping, art installations, themed villages, yoga, food vendors, Cirque performers, fire performers, a 20 foot water slide, and much more. As the name might suggest, the festival aims to integrate music with art, nature, and spirituality.

This year’s musical performances include Eoto, Thriftworks, Govinda, Archnemesis, Sugarpill, and more. Early bird tickets have already sold out, but three-day general admission camping ($89) and VIP TeePee camping passes ($500, includes four passes) are still available. Make sure to come prepared by checking out the rules and guidelines and camping info.

Hulaween 2015

Hulaween 2015

The String Cheese Incident’s Hulaween returns to Live Oak, FL this Halloween 2015 for its third year. The festival will take place at the iconic Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park & Campground on the Suwannee River. The Spirit of the Suwannee is home to some popular annual festivals and is often praised by festival-goers for its idyllic surroundings. This year Hulaween will see the likes of The String Cheese Incident, Pretty Lights, Primus, Chance the Rapper & The Social Experiment, Odesza, Slightly Stoopid, GRiZ, Lettuce, Papadosio, Goldfish, and many more.

Early bird tickets have already sold out, but there are three more tiers of tickets available. General Admission tickets are currently selling for $239, which includes taxes, primitive camping, and a weekend pass (Friday to Sunday). Other options are available, including Saturday and Sunday only, single day passes, and VIP. Check out the full list of ticket availability via Hulaween’s website.

In addition to tickets, make sure you check out Hulaween’s guide for getting to the festival, camping, hotels, and more.

Moonrise 2015 | A snap Shot

bassnectar family photo

Summer heat slowing you down, children screams at the beach starting to make you twitch, nothing exciting scheduled this summer, everything worth doing seem too far away? Well look no further, Moonrise Festival will be upon us in just a few weeks, taking the northeast EDM scene by storm. Just 3 hours out from NYC and a 2 hours from Philadelphia at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, MD and in it’s second year running, Steez Promo & Glow DC have presented the most stacked variety of talent in electronic music today, with headliners Bassnectar & Above & Beyond, supporting heavy hitters Zeds Dead, Zomboy, Infected Mushroom, Doctor P, Big Gigantic, and many more to get you dancing.

Together we’ve compiled a Moonrise Mix Tape, so you can have a preview of what all the fuss is about. Every genre from Bass, Trance, Drum n Bass, Glitch, Trap, and of course Dubstep can be found through out the festival.

Moonrise Mix Tape


His second consecutive appearance at Moonrise following the recent release of his new EP, “Into The Sun” Bassnectar is not an act to miss.

Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond are no rookies to this rodeo, the trance trio has been around for 15 years with diehard fans in every region of the world. Aside from their countless awards from BBC Radio, Beaport, Mixmag, and more, their tunes will warm your heart and even give those friends that say, “I can’t dance” a new rhythm to move to.

Big Gigantic

Big Gigantic has been hitting a major variety of festivals all summer long. Of all the songs to choose from, this one stands out the most, and will definitely be one of those songs you will not be able to get out of your head. The southern indie-electro duo, Cherub, also make a guest appearance, conjoining both eclectic sounds together into harmonious beats rolling through your speakers.

Datsik (from his latest album)

Datsik has been killin the dubstep scene for years now always bringing filthy new ideas. With his vortex visuals and his polyrhythmic production, he is sure to break necks at this years event.

Dillon Francis (new release & video)

Dillon Francis coming back to the for front a little bit after what seems like a long while. His performance at Dead Rocks was one of the best we’ve seen in quite awhile going “von deepah” and spinning moombahton for on of the first times in awhile as far as we can remember. We hope to see just as exciting as a set at Moonrise.

Must See

These next groups need no introduction. Being on the scene and succeeding at the level they have there isn’t much we can add to what has already been said. We encourage the newbies to dip their toes in the water, and the veterans to help them learn how to swim.

Die antwoord (most viewed)

The glitch mob

Porter robinson (lastest release)

Zeds dead

Knife party

Thomas jack

Yellowclaw (latest release)

Funtcase & cookie monsta (oldie but still goodie)


Snails (latest release) (can we so lucky to have Big Gigantic come out and perform too?)

Be sure to follow the festival on Facebook for any updates and announcements and buy you’re tickets while they’re still available. 2 day general admission passes starts at $149 and 2 day VIP passes at $225 so if you don’t have tickets pick them up now before they sell out. Check out the website for information on directions, hotels, and shuttles. This will be unlike any other event you’ve ever been too on the East Coast this summer, see you on the race track!

Imagine Music Festival 2015

Imagine Music Festival

In its inaugural year, Imagine Music Festival made a distinct impression on festival attendants coming from around the world. Imagine makes its return this year to Atlanta, GA on August 29 and 30 with the honor of being ranked as one of the top festivals in the world by Fest300. The festival will take place at Atlanta’s Historic Fourth Ward and Masquerade Music Park featuring artists such as Dada Life, Datsik, The Glitch Mob, Tipper (with visuals by Android Jones), Griz, Chromeo, Morgan Page, 12th Planet, G Jones, Papadosio, Shpongle, Buku, Brillz, The Crystal Method, and many more.

The festival has been praised for its diverse lineup, art attractions, and organization, ensuring a carefree weekend of art and music. In addition, attendants take note of the booming after party culture, which will undoubtedly feature some special unscheduled performances in the local area, particularly at the Masquerade Music Hall.


Advanced General Admission tickets are currently on sale for $129 (plus taxes and fees). After that, ticket prices increase to $150 for General Admission or $299 for VIP. Make sure to purchase your tickets to get a taste of one of the world’s top festivals!

Getting Ready for Deadrocks 2015

Do you hear that rumble? The rocky mountains slightly shaking in the backdrop as mind bending bass beats and melodic melodies bleed into the mile high air. It’s DEADROCKS, the epic takeover of Red Rocks Amphitheatre, led by two bass heavy boys from the 6, DC & Hooks, better known as Zeds Dead, baby. Zeds Dead and friends will be commandeering Red Rocks on Thursday, July 2nd, brought to you by AEG Live and 95.7 The Party. Along for the ride will be co-headliner Dillon Francis, Paper Diamond, Haywyre, Mija, and Hunter Siegel.

Zeds Dead has blown up over the past few years, with non-stop touring and countless hits, including their newest EP “Somewhere Else,” which was accompanied by an international tour de bass. DC and Hooks are two of the hardest working DJ/producers in the industry and their action-packed shows and versatile style have created a loyal following of “deadicated” fans. Zeds Dead’s music ranges from heavy dubstep, to reggae, hip-hop, drum and bass, electro, house, and more. Their hard hitting live shows are a one-stop-shop for those who enjoy spontaneity and auditory surprises, and have secured them as one of the most multifaceted artists in electronic music today.


This genre bending mindset is further represented by the array of artists joining them for this monumental summer event. Co-headlining is Dillon Francis, the prankster of the EDM scene and the IDGAFOS lifestyle. With music ranging from moombahton to deep house, you never know what you will get from this powerhouse (in both personality and set direction). One thing’s for sure though, it will be a party. D. Fran delivers high energy sets that get crowds jumping and singing along, leaving any and all worries to fade far into night sky. Then there is Paper Diamond, this up and comer was a fan favorite at festivals last season, and has been hard at work on his newest album throughout the winter. Never one to disappoint live, he seamlessly mixes today’s hottest tracks with his signature, smooth, fun-loving style. He will surely put a smile on your face and get some serious sweat dripping down your back. Haywyre is another artist to make sure not to miss. He uniquely melds current electronic beats with classical jazz sounds to create a mastery of fresh musical pieces. Next, the newcomer Mija will be representing all ladies that get down (holla)! Her music lends to a perfect summer set, with poppy vibes, and swaggy female vocals scattered throughout. Rounding us out is Hunter Siegel, last on our list, but certainly not least, he has been hitting the charts hard this year with dancy originals and refreshing remixes. Coming off collaborations and shared history with the headliners themselves, I speculate we may be in for some sweet treats from this Torontonian. In addition, rumors of some special guests will be the cherry on top of this epic EDM sundae!


Whether you are coming to see what the hype is all about or have been a die hard Zeds Deadhead for years, everyone is welcome with open arms (and Z’s up). Each artist represented is alike in their love of music and FUN, and they do an exceptional job of removing the frills, providing raw, heartfelt performances. With loving and loyal fans that feed the artists’ energy, it is a symbiotic relationship, so fluid, that the line between performer and fan are blurred, resulting in the feeling of one massive house party. Bringing back those nostalgic feels of when school gets out, when there is magic in the air…that feeling that anything could happen. Then of course, there is the fact that this house party is being held at one of the most awe inspiring venues in the world with an impeccable sound system to display expertly curated sets from some of the most talented artists out there- BONUS! Join us for Deadrocks, this is your home for the night, this is your family, this is YOUR party, let’s dance!

ZDRedRocks 3