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Governors Ball 2017 Lineup & Info

Governors Ball 2017

Governors Ball Music Festival returns for its 7th year this June 2-4, 2017 on Randall’s Island in New York City. The 3-day event will feature a variety of music and a multitude of New York City restaurants and food trucks. Governors Ball 2017 will feature artists like TOOL, Chance the Rapper, Phoenix, Childish Gambino, Lorde, Flume, Wu-Tang Clan, Logic, Marshmello, Phantogram, Tove Lo, Gryffin, Eden, and many more. A variety of ticket options are available, with 3-day GA tickets going for $305 (plus fees) and 3-day VIP tickets for $900 (plus fees). Additional purchasing options like single-day tickets, Platinum, Suites & Cabanas are also available. If you’re interested in the festival, take a look at what to expect of the experience and be sure to check out the festival information.

Sunset Music Festival 2017 Lineup & Info

Sunset Music Festival 2017 Lineup

Sunset Music Festival returns to Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL this May 27-28, 2017. The lineup includes artists like Major Lazer, RL Grime, Above & Beyond, Zeds Dead, Cedric Gervais, Dusky, Gareth Emery, G Jones, San Holo, MaRLo, Slander, SNAILS, Aly & Fila, Kill the Noise, Louis the Child, Yellow Claw, and many more. Tickets are currently available with 2-day GA tickets going for $159.95 (plus fees) and 2-day VIP tickets for $259.95 (plus fees). Included on the ticketing website are various other merchandise and offers, including locker rentals. Make sure to also check out SMF’s info pages, including their guide, safety, and location information.

Euphoria Music Festival 2017 Artist Preview

Euphoria Music Festival 2017

Euphoria Music Festival takes place in just over a week at Carson Creek Ranch, outside of Austin, Texas, April 6-9, 2017. If you haven’t purchased tickets yet, a variety of options are still available. As you gear up for Euphoria, take a look at our list of artists we’re excited to see.


Moby is widely considered one of the most important and influential figures in dance music of the 1990s. He helped bring dance music to the mainstream in the UK and in the United States. His appearances at music festivals are relatively sparse these days, so we’re particularly excited to see this veteran perform Sunday at Euphoria.


FKJ, short for French Kiwi Juice, unsurprisingly hails from France. His signature funky and mellow sound gets the crowds groovin’, especially in a live environment. His smooth style will leave you wondering at the end of the show where all the time went. FKJ will be performing Friday.

The Funk Hunters

This duo from Vancouver have a dynamic style, capable of mixing and producing heavier styles of bass and glitch, as well as sounds reminiscent of funk and soul. Their versatility should make for a great performance on Sunday at Euphoria.

The Widdler

Alright dubheads, this one is for you. The Widdler is known for his slow and methodic low frequency sub bass. His style is much more reminiscent of UK Dubstep from the mid-2000s. If you like low frequency bass vibrating through your body, you won’t want to miss The Widdler on Sunday at Euphoria.


This disco duo aptly hail from Los Angeles, which you might have guessed based on their style of music, which they label on Soundcloud as “Daytime Disco.” Check them out on Saturday for a feel-good disco-dancing session.

Full Lineup

Boston Calling 2017 Lineup

Boston Calling 2017 Lineup

Boston Calling 2017 makes its debut at the Harvard Athletic Complex this year. Boston Calling previously took place twice a year (in May and September) at City Hall Plaza. 2017 marks the first year that the event will be held at the Harvard Athletic Complex. The new location at Harvard Athletic Complex will feature more music stages and a film festival component, curated by Natalie Portman. This year’s event will take place May 26-28, 2017. The three day event will host the likes of TOOL, Mumford & Sons, Chance the Rapper, Bon Iver, The xx, Major Lazer, and many more. Tickets are still available with 3-day GA tickets starting at $269 (plus fees), and 3-day VIP at $529 (plus fees). A range of other ticket options, including single-day tickets are available from the ticketing website. Also be sure to check out the information page to get up to speed with the festival ahead of time.

Tipper & Friends Nocturnal Edition 2017

Tipper & Friends Nocturnal Edition 2017

Tipper & Friends Nocturnal Edition returns to the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park & Campground this May 19-20, 2017. This year’s event will feature an eclectic mix of art and music, including 3 sets of Tipper, Shpongle (Simon Posford Live), Cut Chemist, Shield, Klo, LTJ Bukem, Jade Cicada, Hullabalo0, Vinja, Charlesthefirst, Detox Unit, Ovoid, Sortof Vague, and Foxtail, and visual artist Android Jones. Tickets are currently available, with GA + Primitive Camping for $99, with some camping upgrades available. This is an all-ages event; children 12 and under may attend free when accompanied by an adult. For additional information, make sure to check out the FAQ page.

BUKU 2017 Takes Over Mardi Gras World

Jauz at Float Den, BUKU 2017

The forecast called for 75-degree weather, clouds, and rain, but it was BUKU weekend and the weather was not about to put a damper on a weekend of music and art. As I arrived on the first day, the sun peaked through the clouds—a positive sign of the weekend to come. The rain held off for most the weekend, save for a few light sprinkles, a far cry from the forecast of weekend showers.

As I made my way through security, my jitters gave way to excitement as the booming of the main stage, the Power Plant, intensified. BUKU Music + Art Project takes place at Mardi Gras World, overlooking the last stretch of the Mississippi River as it winds towards the Gulf of Mexico. Making my way towards the Float Den, I observed the adjacent Ballroom Stage, merchandise tent, and vendors, anxiously waiting for the sun to go down and the festival to light up. K?D was performing at the Float Den, essentially a large warehouse at the back of the festival, which would serve as the hub for bass music that weekend. After K?D wrapped things up, San Holo took the stage. At the same time, security guards drove through the crowd with two large industrial dehumidifiers towards the Float Den stage. The bass-heavy music of the Float Den got the crowd quite energetic. Combined with the large crowds that the Float Den attracted and the mediocre airflow of a mostly-enclosed space, the Float Den got hot and sweaty.

As the sun dipped lower in the sky, the Float Den turned up the energy. TroyBoi threw down a performance as gnarly as the air in the room—heavy bass combined with smooth transitions and seamless mixing. Looking for a reprieve from the heat, I found Opiuo at the Ballroom Stage, an indoor stage with much-needed air conditioning. The Ballroom was dimly lit with minimalist lighting and an electroluminescent wire chandelier that set the tone of room. The environment proved suitable for hula-hoopers looking for room to dance, and people just looking to soak in the sounds of the music without being distracted by the lights or crowds.

After Opiuo, I made a quick stop to see Whethan at the Back Alley stage, literally a back alley, tucked away from the madness of the rest of the festival. The Back Alley served as the home for House and Techno, with an illuminated gazebo viewing area for those wanting to escape the crowds. Friday night, the Back Alley saw performances from artists like Clams Casino, and a Shiba San B2B Justin Jay set. Unfortunately, Nora En Pure would miss the festival due to issues with her flight.

Back Alley at BUKU 2017

Back Alley Stage at BUKU 2017

On the way back to the Power Plant, I stopped in to catch a bit of Slushii, who was throwing down some wonky beats at the Float Den. After a quick listen, I continued to one of the main attractions of the weekend—the funky and saxy Grizmatik, whose saxophone sounds complemented the local New Orleans music scene. After Grizmatik, I split my time between two of the closing performances: a packed Zeds Dead show at the Float Den and a more chill and groovy set by Shiba San & Justin Jay at the Back Alley.

Grizmatik at BUKU 2017

Grizmatik performing at the Power Plant Stage

The second day saw light precipitation and a drop in temperature, a welcome treat to cool down the crowd. The Float Den continued its bass theme with early performances by Minnesota B2B Space Jesus, the alien-esque Rezz, and the mystery man, Malaa.

Back at the Power Plant, Tycho (Live) put on an incredible melodic sunset performance, accompanied by the design and photographic visuals of Tycho’s primary composer, Scott Hansen, also known by his design alias, ISO50. The strong hues of magenta and red complemented the sky as the sun dipped below the horizon.

Tycho at BUKU 2017

Tycho (Live) performing at the Power Plant Stage

Jumping from stage to stage, I spent more time hanging out at the art carts. BUKU creatively utilizes art carts, which are smaller in size compared the larger art cars seen at bigger festivals. Pedicabs and shopping carts adorned with lights, speakers, and DJs made the rounds at the festival, giving attendants a chance to stop and take a quick dance break in between stages. Or, if the music caught your ear, a quick dance break would turn into quite a long one.

Art Cart at BUKU 2017

An art cart at BUKU 2017

I jumped between performances of Lane 8, Cashmere Cat, and deadmau5, all masters at building musical tension, and then releasing it in a dance extravaganza. deadmau5 performed in his signature style—long build-ups in the beginning making way towards more intense music towards the end, often accompanied by some trolling on the mic. He apologized for not having his signature Cube stage display, and then made a plug for his afterparty, exclaiming “I hope you like techno.”

Back at the Float Den, the mysterious Zhu closed out the night. Starting with minimal lighting effects, his performance turned the Float Den into a dance hall as his set progressed, and with it, the lighting intensity. He jumped on the mic several times to perform vocals for his songs, a signature characteristic of his producing and DJing style. Zhu’s performance was a flawless way to end the weekend—an intense dance music experience that is simultaneously low-key, a perfect embodiment of BUKU Music + Art Project.

BUKU Music + Art Project Photos Day 1
BUKU Music + Art Project Photos Day 2

Okeechobee & the Future of Music Festivals

Okeechobee Music Festival Pavilion Palace

Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival concluded its second year earlier in the month, which also happened to be its second sell-out year. This is an admirable achievement for a young festival, especially given the current competitive festival atmosphere, where many festivals are struggling to retain the attendance numbers they enjoyed just a few years ago. Okeechobee’s success should come as no surprise to anyone who has attended the event, but to get the details on the role that Okeechobee plays in being a leader of a movement that is changing the face of music festivals across the world, we spoke to Tyler Hanson, owner and founder of Kulturehaus.

In 2017, Kulturehaus was responsible for the curation of 40 acres of land, which included Chobeewobee Village and Aquachobee, with a total of eight stages that hosted workshops, yoga, music, and performances. Kulturehaus worked with multiple large-scale visual artists and their crews plus an eclectic assortment of performers, musicians, builders, volunteers, and production staff. The crew of about 500 worked to create a 24-hour experience spanning the start of the festival on Thursday, to its conclusion on Monday morning. Included in the 500 people are Kulturehaus’ staff of six, who spent six months onsite preparing for the festival. As Tyler explains, “Kulturehaus is a modern day guild for modern day artists.” He takes pride in the fact that they didn’t build a single normal stage: “we created environments for performers and people to come and participate in.” The success of the project is evident. Take GRiZ for example, who played six sets (is that the final tally?) at Okeechobee, including a sunset performance at the Be Stage, and a collaborative PoWoW! performance at the Here Stage (two of the main stages). But the performance that seemed to get everyone talking the most was his late-night back-to-back set with 12th Planet and SNAILS at the Incendia Stage, one of the hallmark creations of Kulturehaus at Okeechobee.

Griz Performing at OMF Incendia Stage 2017

Griz at the Incendia Stage, photo by DV Photo Video

The reason for success is that Kulturehaus puts the artists first and the music second. Kulturehaus first employed the idea through the creation of Art Outside, a festival that Tyler founded in Texas in 2005, which served as a proof of concept. As Tyler notes, they “split the paradigm.” He asks: “What would that environment look like” when art is the main attraction and music is secondary? Tyler saw that a lot of festivals looked the same. The market has become so saturated that Bonnaroo’s sales are down 40% and Austin City Limits is hovering around non-growth. “We are at peak festival,” Tyler says. “What do you do when everyone else is doing the same thing?” For Tyler, the answer was clear. He notes that he was fortunate to have the producers of Okeechobee reach out to him and give him the funds to “create a festival inside of a festival.” This has been the product that he has been working towards for the last twenty years. “Okeechobee is very unique in that it sees the vision of the future of music festivals, which is not music, it is art and they are supporting that.” Tyler’s goal was to reinvent festivals, to “put art and music in front of people in a new way that is meaningful and registers and does something.”

Okeechobee 2017 The Living Tree

The Living Tree, photo by Jorgensen Photography

He expands, noting that at the festivals of the future, DJs and bands will take a backseat, to make room for an immersive experience.

“They’re interactive, they’re fun, they’re participatory, they’re unique, they are something else. Being able to go to Okeechobee is a blessing because Soundslinger LLC, the producers of Okeechobee, are so supportive of creating an environment where they really let us run wild.” The point of which, is to get people excited and involved, to “wake people up” with immersive worlds that go beyond just a stacked lineup.

The larger goal of Kulturehaus is “creating equal basic rights for artists and supporting their business.” Of the fee that Kulturehaus collects for their part in Okeechobee, two-thirds went directly to artists, while the remainder went to materials and other costs. Kulturehaus aims to close the gap with headlining musicians, noting that a single headlining act that performs for 1.5 hours on the main stage will charge 3-4 times that amount. Compare that to Kulturehaus’ 500 artists and builders working 24 hours a day for 4 days straight (not including setup and tear-down). The mission is to get festivals to divert their attention from headlining acts towards “creative visual and interactive art that runs for the duration of the festival.” His vision is that five years from now, Kulturehaus is a “multi-million-dollar job, where we’re getting paid as much as a headliner is, to make things that are far more memorable and amazing.”

Tyler argues that artists are the next rockstars: “Headline acts of festivals get paid upwards of one million dollars to play a set. That’s not sustainable. That’s not art. That’s just a shit-ton of money going to a bunch of management and agencies.” That’s less of a criticism of the music and more a criticism of the business model. Tyler recognizes the importance of music: “you go to a music festival for music, but actually you’re there for the art. And music is art. The point is to make art democratically applicable. Democratize the art and give it equal value.” Democratizing the art will change the dynamics of festivals, so that the future of festivals is not about stacked lineups, pyrotechnics, lasers, and lights. All of those features will still play a role in music festivals, but they will take a backseat so that hundreds of artists can build interactive artistic musical playgrounds for adults to participate in.

If you are interested in being radical, creating or changing the culture of your festival so that you are not like all the rest: now you know Kulturehaus exists. Principals Kevin KoChen and Tyler Hanson have been at the forefront of the independent festival movement, being intimately involved in the West Coast scene by working on Symbiosis Gathering and Lightning in a Bottle from their inception. In addition, their exploits have led them to working with public and private entities from NASA to Google and all sorts of entities in between, looking to make a scene. But it is their massive artisanal network of doers, makers, dreamers, and imagineers that they have cultivated over the past 20 years that truly make Kulturehaus unique.

Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival Photos

Camp Bisco 2017 Lineup Revealed

Camp Bisco 2017 Lineup

Camp Bisco returns to Montage Mountain, Pennsylvania this July 13-15, 2017. After revealing this year’s lineup, it’s clear that the festival is staying true to its roots with Bisco veterans of The Disco Biscuits (naturally), Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, Gramatik, 12th Planet, Shpongle, Lotus, Paper Diamond, Break Science, and Beats Antique. The festival also includes some new and old faces, like Griz, Goldfish, Louis the Child, Opiuo, Team EZY, Kill the Noise, G Jones, Ganja White Night, and many more.

A variety of passes are still available, including GA, GA with Camping, VIP, box seats, travel packages, and RV passes. Tickets can be purchased from the Camp Bisco website. This is an 18+ event. Make sure to check out the rest of the information about Camp Bisco.

Full Lineup for Bassrush Massive 2017 Released

Bassrush Massive 2017 Lineup

Presented by Relentless Beats & Bassrush, the country’s leading bass music brand will be returning to Arizona on May 6, 2017 with Bassrush Massive. Featuring previously announced artists: Adventure Club; Flux Pavilion; NGHTMRE; and Andy C, Bassrush Massive has added several bass-centric artists to the lineup, including: Atlanta-based bass producer, Herobust; the God Father of hardtrap, SayMyName; Canadian producer, Phiso; and UK electronic music producer, Tisoki.

In anticipation of Bassrush Massive, Relentless Beats will be hosting the Hyper Future North American Tour which will feature sets by: Eptic, Must Die and Gentleman’s Club on Thursday, March 23, from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m., at the Monarch Theatre in Downtown Phoenix. This is an 18+ event. Full details for this event on the Road to Bassrush Massive can be found at

Beginning in the 1990’s, the Bassrush brand has evolved from its strictly drum & bass roots to include dubstep and other bass-oriented genres. Along with exclusive one-off events, Bassrush hosts stages at all major Insomniac festivals such as EDC Las Vegas, EDC Orlando and Beyond Wonderland. In 2011, the brand expanded beyond California, hosting multi-date national tours for major artists including Skrillex; Excision; Datsik and more. In 2015, Bassrush Takeover made its way to Phoenix with a sold out stop at Monarch Theater.

Rawhide Western Town & Event Center is situated on the Gila River Indian Community and is Arizona’s largest 1880s western-themed entertainment venue. Located just south of Phoenix, the venue is a mere 20 minutes from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Chandler, AZ. Producing a more elevated experience for the attendees, the venue now hosts several marquee Relentless Beats events, including; Mad Decent Block Party, Global Dance Festival, Decadence and CRUSH AZ in partnership with Insomniac.

General Admission passes for Bassrush Massive Arizona are on sale for $55, before fees. VIP passes, complete with a preferred main stage viewing area, bottle service, one complimentary drink, passed desserts, private restrooms and express entry are available starting at $85, before fees. VIP is a 21+ area. All ticket types are available online at Bassrush Massive is an 18 and over event.

Bassrush Massive is produced by Relentless Beats and Bassrush. Visit for the most up-to-date information on Bassrush Massive and all Relentless Beats events. Stay connected on Twitter at and on Facebook at

Wet Electric Announces 2017 Lineup

Wet Electric 2017 Lineup

Presented by Activated Presents and Relentless Beats, Wet Electric returns Saturday, April 29, 2017, to Big Surf Waterpark in Tempe, Arizona. After making a big splash announcing Diplo as the headliner to the 7th edition of the country’s largest waterpark music festival, Wet Electric continues to make waves, introducing Borgore; Audien; Anna Lunoe; and Yookie to the lineup. Additionally, the Relentless Beats premiere house, techno, and underground brand, RBDeep, will host a stage during the festival boasting performances from some of the biggest names in the scene. Artists slated to take the RBDeep Stage include: AC Slater; Jimmy Edgar; Justin Jay; Kill_Frenzy and Wax Motif. The RBDeep stage was introduced at last year’s Global Dance Festival and will make its return during Phoenix Lights, April 8-9th, at Margaret T. Hance Park.

Big Surf Waterpark is located in Tempe, Arizona and features a 2.5 million gallon wavepool, which is the largest in the country. Wet Electric will be fans’ first chance to experience Big Surf for the season, which officially opens on May 6th. The event features world renowned artists and DJs, the largest wavepool in the country, waterslides, luxury cabanas, bars and much more. Wet Electric is a truly unique experience as it combines the thrills of a waterpark along with the sights and sounds of an electronic music festival.

General Admission tickets are on sale now for $55 plus fees. VIP passes, as well as the Super Party Pack Daybed Packages, Big Wave Cabana Packages and Big Baller Packages are available starting at $99 plus fees. Lockers are available for rental at $15 plus fees. VIP is a 21+ area. For full details and to purchase tickets visit Wet Electric is an 18 and over event.

Wet Electric is produced by Activated Presents and Relentless Beats. Visit for the most up-to-date information on Wet Electric and all Relentless Beats events. Stay connected on Twitter at and on Facebook at